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¡¡¡¡ Donglin Academy, built in Zhenghe primary era of Northern Song Dynasty (1111), was the place for Yang Shi, a well-known scholar at that time, to give lectures for quite a long time. In Wanli 32nd years (1604) in Ming Dynasty, Gu Xiancheng, Gao Panlong and other scholars suggested to rebuild the academy by donation, and in the period, they assemble a crowd and hold lectures so that there is praise saying ¡°For master scholars, Donglin takes the first place¡±. The famous couplet, ¡°the sounds of the winds, rain and reading all come into our ears and the affairs of the family, state and world all draw our attention¡±, written by Gu Xiancheng, is known at home and abroad and is the true portrayal of Donglin scholars studying, lecturing as well as worrying about the country.
¡¡¡¡Donglin Academy after rebuilding covers an area of 13,000 M2, including over 15 blocks of exhibition buildings, and over 40 pieces of various kinds of inscribed boards and couplets, so that the layout and shape as well as style and features of academy at its best in Ming and Qing Dynasty are represented. Since it is open after full restoration, the academy has been awarded as one of ¡°Eighteen Scenic Spots in Wuxi¡±, Patriotism Education Foundation of the province and the city, and it was announced as National Key Relics Conservation Unit by the State Council in 2006.
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