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Open Service

  • Notes for Visit (Trial)

    1. Donglin Academy is open all year round and free to the public.

    2. Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00 (admission to the Academy after 16:30 in not allowed).

    3. The maximum daily capacity of the Academy is 5,000 people, and the instantaneous capacity is 1,000 people.

    When the number of visitors is close to the instantaneous maximum flow, the staff will adopt the method of permitting to pass at interval times to control the number of people in the Academy, so as to ensure the visit order. Visitors are required to cooperate. When it reaches the maximum daily capacity, the Academy will be temporarily closed.

    4. Visitors shall enter the Academy with their ID cards at the entrance security checkpoint, and one ID card for one person; visitors without ID cards may be admitted to the Academy with other valid IDs after approval by the staff at the entrance. 

    5. In order to maintain a good visit environment and safety, group visits and thematic activities require reservation by phone at least 3 days in advance (Tel: 18115513205). The daily reservation is limited to 15 groups, with no more than 60 people for each group (three groups per hour during 9:00 to 11:00 and 13:00 to 16:00). After receiving the group tickets for the day at the Visitor Center and have tickets checked and approved by the staff at the south entrance, the person in charge of the group shall inform the group members of the notes for visit before the group enters the Academy. In case of any change, be sure to inform by phone half a day in advance.

    6. The thematic activities must be registered with Donglin Academy at least 3 days in advance, and can be admitted to hold in the Academy only after approval. During the activity, please consciously obey the management of the staff.

    7. People who are sloppily dressed, alcoholics, bring pets, are incapacitated or have limited capacity for civil conduct but not accompanied by a guardian are not allowed to admit to the Academy. Elderly people and people with physical disabilities must be accompanied by a guardian during visit.

    8. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable and explosive, controlled firearms and tools, liquid objects and other dangerous goods, pets, bulky items, and items that are easy to pollute the environment into the Academy.

    9. Visitors should pay attention to the civilization image. No smoking in the Academy. No spitting, urinating and littering. Any loud noise, chasing, playing, climbing and lying down in the Academy are not allowed, affecting or obstructing other visitors. Square dancing and other events and gatherings that are not in harmony with the environment and atmosphere of the Academy are prohibited.

    10. Visitors should protect cultural relics and historic sites. Graffiti is prohibited. Please consciously take care of public facilities. Do not touch various exhibits, exhibition facilities and other public service equipment, as well as flowers and trees. In case of any damage, visitors must compensate according to the cost and bear the corresponding legal liabilities.

    11. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the visit order and security. Please consciously obey the guidance and management of the staff. During the visit, please pay attention to safety to prevent slipping, tripping and falling into the water. In case of any emergency, please seek help from the nearest staff.

    12. In case of emergencies, major events or important reception tasks, please obey the Academy’s temporary arrangements.

    13. Consulting, Complaints and Rescue Hotline of Donglin Academy: 0510-82706231. Wuxi Tourism Complaints Hotline: 0510-85052590.

    14. The right of final interpretation belongs to Wuxi Donglin Academy Management Center.



    Related Services in Visitor Center:

    1. Provide enquiry and luggage deposit service;

    2. There are voice navigator, wheelchair, baby carriage, medical first-aid kit, workbox, umbrella and crutch;

    3. There is a tourist commodity service counter to provide visitors with related books, special souvenirs, promotional leaflets, mineral water and other items.